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Stuart and Lisa – the managers

Stuart and Lisa Hunt

Let me tell you about Stuart and Lisa. Carolina Elegance would never have existed if it were not for Stuart and Lisa.

Stuart is my nephew but he’s a lot more like my younger brother.  I am the youngest of four siblings and his father, my brother, is a lot older than I am so Stuart and I grew up like brother and sister.  When Stuart and Lisa were married we totally became sisters.

Lisa and Stuart have managed my vacation rentals from day one and Lisa is the decorator and Stuart is the maintenance guy that can fix almost anything.  They own a cleaning company together and that is why everything is immaculate when you arrive.  If you have any issues while you are in town, please give them a call and they will come over or call you with the answers to the problems.  I could never have done this business without them.  Having a family member take such good care of your business when you live so far away is such a relief.  And when you meet them in person you will love them.  Stuart will make you laugh, no doubt.

Lisa is an amazing cook and if you need a few southern recipes, just ask her for a couple.  They can also tell you their favorite restaurants around town if you have any questions.  Don’t hesitate to give them a call.

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