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 What about linens and beach towels, etc?

One of the main reasons that I got into the vacation rental business is because I have traveled for business all of my life and love amazing soft linens and lush towels and that is what you get at Carolina Elegance.  Guests tell us all the time that it is hard to get out of bed because the Egyptian  Cotton sheets are so soft.

Do I need to bring my blow dryer?  What about an iron and ironing board?

There is a blow dryer in all five bathrooms.  As for the iron and ironing board – yes there is one on both floors but, you are on vacation, for goodness sake.  Why would you need to iron anything that you are wearing on the Isle of Palms?  Look around at everyone first before you iron!

What other things do you provide?

We understand that you might not have time to shop for everything before you get right to Carolina Elegance so we have a bit of starter supplies – like a couple of rolls of toilet paper in each bathroom, a roll of paper towels in the kitchen, a few pods for the dishwasher and washing machine, etc.  There are definitely not enough of these items for the entire week so you will need to pick some more up depending on your group’s usage.

Do you allow four legged children?

Of course.  We have a black lab named Max that is a huge part of our family.  He loves to go everywhere we go and jumps in every car with an open door and has been known to jump in the FedEx and UPS truck from time to time.  We prefer that the pets not get on the furniture and know that they will get up there from time to time.  We will leave out some older sheets for you to cover the furniture with before they do get on the furniture.  Please wash those before you leave.  We also have a couple of dog beds, water and food bowls and even some dog treats.  There is a fee for the extra cleaning for each pet per stay.

What do you offer for children?

The only thing I love more than Max would be children – my two grand children, Wes and Bryce, and my many nieces and nephews so Carolina Elegance is well equipped for children.  We have three Pack ‘n Plays (please bring your own sheets) and we have two combo booster seat/high chairs that you can also use.  We even have some soft bath toys for the little ones.  The large kids room with video room attached has toys for kids of all ages.

Should I purchase trip insurance?

We encourage all of our guests to purchase trip insurance. A few of the choices available are: and and and and

What kind of payment methods do you accept?

We use PayPal for our payments.

When do I get my $1000 refundable deposit back?

As soon as our cleaners get through the house and make sure that there is no damage,  nothing is missing, if you used the pool heater we will need to check the meter, etc.  After all of that is done we will return the balance to the same credit card.

How much does it cost to heat the pool?

There are many variables with heating the pool – air temperature, water temperature when you started the heater, the temperature you wanted to heat the water to, etc.  The gas to heat the pool is $4.00/gallon and it burns at about 2 1/2 gallons/hour.  The tank is 100 gallons.  The gas company just comes out two times a week and it is an additional cost for them to make an extra trip to come fill the tank.  Once it is heated it doesn’t take as much to keep it heated so there are many variables.

Who do I call if there is a problem?

We send you out an Electronic Guest Book when you first book and we also have a copy of that at Carolina Elegance.  Stuart Hunt is the house manager and his cell is 843-209-2006 and you can call or text him if you don’t see the answer to what you need in the book.

Can I have my special event at your house and invite friends to attend?

You can only have your group at Carolina Elegance.  This house is meant for 14-16 people at the most and is not for parties or larger groups.  We will be happy to recommend local places to have events while you are in town.

How many people can sleep in the house? How many cars can we bring?

We are licensed to sleep 14 people including all adults and children with parking for 5 cars. Exceeding these amounts will result in loss of the security deposit and additional fines if the Isle of Palms police issue a citation.

Who will meet me and let me in?

Most of the time and if you are arriving at 4Pm on arrival day you will be met by our house manager, Stuart.  Regardless of that, Stuart will send you a code for the electronic lock about 24 hours ahead of check in.  Once inside you will be able to change this code to something easier for you to remember between 4 and 10 numbers.

What happens if I can’t figure out how to work the lock or I forget to bring my code?

You will be provided with emergency contact information. Call one of the people on the list provided for assistance operating the lock. If you forget to bring your combination, call Stuart or Karen.

Do you have a wagon or cart to take things to the beach?

We have a big beach wagon to pull toys, food, beverages, etc to the beach.  It is about a 3-4 minute walk to the beach and the big wheeled wagon makes it easy to pull your things right to where you want to sit.

Do you have a gas grill?

We have TWO Weber grills – we added one outside by the pool and another Weber on the deck right off of the kitchen.  The propane is on you, however.  The guest before you may have left some but that would be an added bonus.  Refills can be done at the Circle K at 1206 Palm Blvd, Isle of Palms or Kangaroo Express at the same address.

How do I know how to work the appliances, TV’s and thermostats?

Our appliances are pretty basic and should be similar to what you have at home.  The remotes to the TEN televisions around the house are all the same so make sure you get Stuart to  show you the basics before he leaves the first day.  He is a nut about television so call him with any questions.

Are there any special things we need to do on check out?

A few things that we would prefer that you do before you leave to help turn Carolina Elegance around for the next guest’s arrival (remember that the previous guest did this to get you in on time) — empty the trash cans, load the dishwasher and start it, strip the beds and just put the sheets by the washer, take all of your disposable food with you.  If there are things that the next guest might be able to use that haven’t been opened or spices, etc. you can leave those for them.

How far is it to the Charleston downtown area?

Once we get to Carolina Elegance we use UBER when we want to go downtown and I think it is about $11 — a deal!!  It is about 11-12 miles.

Is there any housekeeping during the week?

There is no additional housekeeping included – if this is something you want – please ask and we will see what we can do for you.

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